I was alone before


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I wanted to say:

I was alone before.

I tried:

Ich war bevor allein.

However, a native German speaker told me I should use one of:

Ich war vorher allein.
Ich war zuvor allein.

Can somebody give a brief overview of the differences between the three words: bevor, vorher, and zuvor.

Many thanks in advance. :)
  • Frank78

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    "Bevor" might press upon you as translating since it´s so close but it doesn´t work here.

    The native speaker was right. Either vorher or zuvor.

    "Ich lebte allein bevor/ehe ich sie kennenlernte."
    "Ich habe sie im April kennengelernt. Zuvor/Vorher habe ich allein gelebt."

    Looks like "bevor" and "ehe" need a subclause with an event/time you´re refering to. Though I´m sure about the rule.


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    Hi Frank78,

    Thanks for your answer. I think I get it, and now with what you've given me I can research a bit more.

    Much appreciated. :)

    If anyone else wants to chime in too, that would also be good.

    (On a sidenote - you used 'Ich lebte', but I thought that it would be 'Ich wohne' for 'residing'?)


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    Thank you! The scientific answer is also very helpful in understanding, and the link you sent is fantastic. Greatly appreciated. :)

    Maybe German isn't completely impossible (only 90%) after all! :)
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