I was contracted for

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Gabriel Aparta

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Español - Venezuela
Hello everybody, please, from David Copperfield:

The story of my supposed appetite getting wind among the outside passengers, they were merry upon it likewise; and asked me whether I was going to be paid for, at school, as two brothers or three, and whether I was contracted for, or went upon the regular terms; with other pleasant questions.

People believe that David, a kid who is going in a coach to start school near London, had a huge dinner, which is not true. What does that part in bold mean please? I don't get the joke.
  • Barque

    Senior Member
    I suppose they're asking if David's parents or guardians (I don't remember the story now) had had to execute a special contract with extra fees with the school to take him, because of his supposedly large appetite, or if he was paying the same fees as everyone else (the regular terms).
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