'I was so involved in my book I didn't hear you knock'

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

I already know that "involved" is idiomatic in British English, as this sentence is from the Oxford Dictionary. My question: is "involved" idiomatic in American English too?

''I was so involved in my book I didn't hear you knock.''

Meaning intended: I was so focused on my book that I didn't hear you knock. (= giving my book a lot of attention).

Thank you in advance!
  • harbottle

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    Australia; English
    Not an AE speaker, but I would expect an AE speaker to understand that sentence without missing a beat.

    A better word would be "engrossed"​.

    Language Hound

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    American English
    Involved has the same meaning in AE.
    By the way, with the Oxford Online Dictionaries, you can toggle back and forth between their
    British & World English Dictionary and their U.S. English Dictionary to compare definitions.:)
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