I was teasing - to tease is something bad, isn't it?

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In 1st season 17th series of Peppa Pig cartoon they are going for a picnic. Daddy Pig has a basket with all they need, as such: blanket, bread, lemonade. But he asked Peppa and George, have they forgotten something? And they said: Mommy's strawberry cake! And Daddy Pig's answering: "Ha-ha, I was just teasing".

To me it means bother or irritate, for example old brother sometimes, or all the time tease their little brothers and sisters, just because it's funny for them. But what does it mean in this situation?
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    From the WR Dictionary:

    to irritate, bother, or anger (someone or an animal) with jokes, playful words or actions, or other annoyances: [~ + object]She teased me about my girlfriends. [no object]Don't tease; it's cruel to animals.

    That said, you can tease playfully: that's what Daddy Pig is doing here.
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