I was wondering


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I heard
" I was wondering" is polite expression.
so I can use it if it is not the past situation
That is, I can use "I was wondering"
  • You can say, for example, I was wondering if you would like to come to the cinema with me. It's not gramatically a question but nevertheless there is an expectation of an answer.

    You could also say I was wondering: would you like to come to the cinema with me? which is definitely a question and which expalins what you were wondering about.

    You can also use I was wondering in the past tense (imperfect). For example I was wondering if she wanted to come to the cinema with me when the telephone rang. In other words I was in the process of wondering about something when the telephone rang.

    Dear Thomas Tompion
    I read your answer again and again. Is it kind of humor?
    No, not at all, Jjshin. I'm sorry I wasn't clear.

    When you say 'I was wondering' you are suggesting that you have been considering the question for some little time.

    I was wondering if I could trouble you to lend me your car.

    You've been thinking for some time if it would be a reasonable question to ask. The suggestion is that you've decided it is, becasue you are asking it.

    No humour, no irony, of any kind, Jjshin. Please take this quite literally.