I <wasn't planning><hadn't been planning> on it

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Hello to all,

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Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven (a computer game).


Tom is telling detective Norman about the crimes he committed while working for Don Salieri.

Sample sentence:

Detective: "So, it was you again, huh? You destroyed the picture collection worth a few million dollars?"

Tom: "I <wasn't planning><hadn't been planning> on it, but somehow it worked out that way."


The past continuous "wasn't planning" is used in the original. Does the past perfect continuous "hadn't been planning" work as well in this case?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

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    I disagree with @The Newt : in the original the on is needed, and it would also be needed with the hadn’t been version. Both versions are perfectly acceptable: the nuance is that with “hadn’t been” you are implying that you are open to reconsidering your plans, whereas “wasn’t” implies that you are continuing with your original plan.

    Newt’s alternative phrasing also works with both wasn’t and hadn’t been, with the same nuance
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