I went to watch Ice Hockey tonight

Discussion in 'English Only' started by yuirobo, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. yuirobo Senior Member

    an international friend of mine just sent a message including
    ''I went to watch Ice Hockey tonight.''

    I just felt weird from this sentence..

    I think it should be like..
    ''I went to (somewhere) to watch the Ice Hockey tonight''
    ''I went somewhere to watch the ice hockey game tonight''

    Is there something wrong with grammar or proposition??
    or just good sentence?

    Thank you so much!! in advance :)
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  2. Hi, Yuirobo,

    There's nothing at all wrong with ''I went to watch ice hockey tonight'' (no capitals needed for 'ice hockey').

  3. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    I share yuirobo's feeling about this; I disagree with you, Rover.

    I can't imagine myself saying "I went to watch Ice Hockey tonight". Assuming I have to use "to watch", the choice for me is between

    I went to to watch some Ice Hockey tonight;
    I went to watch an Ice Hockey match tonight; and
    (if the subject of tonight's match has already been discussed) I went to watch the Ice Hockey (match) tonight.
  4. I like to watch football whilst Mrs Rover watches tennis.

    What's wrong with that?

    And I still don't believe ice hockey needs capitalising.

  5. sdgraham

    sdgraham Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    USA English
    Rover is correct on all counts

    If somebody wants to capitalize "ice hockey" then presumably they capitalize baseball, football, poker, basketball, hunting, fishing, drinking, carousing, pub crawling and every other pastime, a practice that no authority with which I'm acquainted endorses.

    That's all for now. I'm going to watch football (American style).
  6. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    There's nothing wrong with that, but it's a different context: you're talking about likes, whereas yuirobo's question is about a particular game of ice hockey (no, it doesn't need capitalising, but I didn't raise the point because it's not the issue here).
  7. capials Banned

    Lot et Garonne
    Another way is:-I went to a hockey game this evening.
    Point being that in Montreal there is likely no lawn hockey .I should know.
  8. sdgraham

    sdgraham Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    USA English
    Whereas our neighbors to the often-frozen north are indeed likely to equate "hockey" with only the kind played on ice, Google provides 420,000 "hits" for 'Montreal field hockey' (without quotes).
  9. SpyroNinja Member

    New York City
    English, New York
    I don't think there is anything wrong with the sentence.
  10. capials Banned

    Lot et Garonne
    I don't think there is anything wrong with the sentence.
    Field hockey is a very healthy sport and I am glad they practice it in Montreal although they are rather quiet about it; not so about la soirée du hockey.It exported well.
  11. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

    Maine, EEUU
    Whatever "an international friend" may be, and please don't tell us, the sentence is fine as written, except for the needless capital letters.

    Your friend may have gone to a hockey rink, or to a friend's house to watch the game on television, or to a frozen pond.

    He constructed a vast labyrinthine of periods, made impassable by the piling-up of clauses upon clauses--clauses in which oversight and bad grammar seemed manifestations of disdain. — Jorge Luis Borges
  12. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    I agree with everyone else, including sound shift:D.

    I think "I went to watch ice hockey tonight" is a perfectly respectable sentence.

    But I'm pretty sure that I'd be more likely to say "I went to watch some ice hockey" or "I went to watch an/the ice hockey game/match".

    Mind you, the whole scenario's pretty unlikely, since my nearest ice-rink is 50 miles away...
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  13. Herrick Member

    Québec, QC
    Canada, English
    O.K. the sentence is a bit awkward, nothing dramatic, and of course the capitals are a mistake. But in Canada, nobody adds "ice." It marks you as a non-Canadian. But since most people are not Canadian, I can't complain. "I went to a hockey game tonight" sounds more natural, since most people who go also watch. Eh?
  14. JulianStuart

    JulianStuart Senior Member

    Sonoma County CA
    English (UK then US)
    I say, doancher no? I played hockey as a lad in England - field hockey is what Canadians would call it, as I learned when I moved there. Then I moved to the US, where the frozen variety is also played, and also where the single word will usually mean ice hockey. Where the ice version isn't played, hockey would mean the field version. It's an AmE + CanE vs BrE and some RoWE thang :D But there's no doubt that most people who go (to either), go to watch ;D

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