I will be at home that weekend and can't make it



I wanted to thank my friend for his invitation as unfortunately I will be at home that weekend and can't make it (we are both at university to avoid confusion!). This is my attempt but I think the word order of the second sentence is too literal. I have added the other sentences for context. Also, I didn't know how to say I'll be away that weekend which would probably make more sense!
Any help would be much appreciated!!

Hallo Dennis!
Wie gehts? Ich hoffe, dass du schöne Weihnachten hattest! Danke fur das Einladung aber ich werde sien zu hause. Tschüs bis Montag!

Many thanks!!
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    Away that weekend:
    Leider habe ich etwas vor und werde an dem Wochenende verreist/fort sein

    lWait for a native speaker to check this and make any corrections.
    Hope it helps.
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    English but my first language was German
    Something like: Ich bin leider nicht an der Uni, sondern bei den Eltern zuhause.

    You want to say sorry--that's leider (=unfortunately)
    instead (=sondern)
    home at my parents (= bei den Eltern zuhause)
    You wouldn't repeat ich bin.
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