I will be free by seven o'clock


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Does the sentence 'I will be free by seven o’clock' sound natural in the following dialogue?

- What about/ How about going to see the new film at the Odeon?
- That’s ok. What time shall we meet?
- I will be free by seven o’clock, unless something unusual happens at the office.

Thank you very much :)
  • Gordonedi

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    Yes, it does sound natural in this context.

    A couple of comments :

    Being free is not the same as arriving at the cinema. Perhaps you could say "I could be there by seven o'clock unless....."

    The response to the suggestion does not seem very enthusiastic. ("That's OK.") I'd have said "That would be fun." or "Yes. I'd really like that."

    Hope this helps.

    Ciao !

    Musical Chairs

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    I would say "I'll be done by seven o'clock" but that is fine too. But it still doesn't answer the question "what time shall we meet?"

    To sound more enthusiastic, you could say "sure!" or "okay!"