I will call you back tomorrow morning..?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Vickyhere, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Vickyhere Senior Member

    I am writing an e-mail to someone for informing that I received the message and I would write that I will call back her tomorrow. Which form to use?

    I will call you back tomorrow morning


    I am calling you back tomorrow morning

  2. WestSideGal

    WestSideGal Senior Member

    English, US
    The first option is fine.
  3. loginpleaseplease

    loginpleaseplease Senior Member

    English - UK
    I will call you back tomorrow morning, because tomorrow is the future. I am calling you back could be used for instance to say "I am calling you back at the moment but the line's engaged..." i.e. to convey that the calling back is going on now in the present, but never to convey the future.
  4. Vickyhere Senior Member

    Thank you!

    WAMORZINHO Senior Member

    brasil/sao paulo
    I will call you back tomorrow morning
  6. Mr.X Senior Senior Member

    Burmese & English (2nd Language)
    I would go for

    I shall call you back tomorrow morning.
  7. Full Tilt Boogie Senior Member

    Manchester, UK
    British English
    The "I'll call you back tomorrow..." implies that whatever message you received was either a phone call which you could not take (didn't have the time to take) at the time you received it, or a voice mail/message you received on (e.g.) you answer-phone.

    If it was an email message you'd received and intended then to return by telephone call, you could simply and accurately say "I'll call you in the morning [to talk about it]..."
  8. mtmjr

    mtmjr Senior Member

    California/Ohio (US)
    English (US)
    I agree with Full Tilt. "Calling back" implies that they called you first (by phone, whether successful or not).

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