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Je me demande si les deux expressions I will come back et I will be back peuvent s'employer pour la même chose.
Par exemple, je peux dire : I'll be back in one minute, que je traduirais par Je reviens dans une minute.
Est-ce que je peux dire I'll come back in one minute ?

Merci d'avance :),

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    Une petite remarque - on dirait plutôt - I'll be back/I'll come back in a minute (pour exprimer l'idée que je reviens tout de suite - donc il n'y a pas besoin de préciser le nombre de minutes)


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    Yes, they mean pretty much the exact same thing. I think it's much more common to say, "I'll be back..." than "I'll come back..."

    I think "I'll come back..." adds more emphasis on the fact that you're going somewhere, and then reassuring the other person that you are coming back to the same place.

    Like if I went to a giant shopping mall with my wife, and I was going to a different store for a few minutes, then meeting her back at our current location, I would probably say, "I'm going to run to that other store, I'll come back (here) in 5 minutes." Although I suppose I could say "I'll be back in 5 minutes". It's a slight nuance.

    So in general, "I'll be back" is said all the time, "I'll come back" is much less commonly used.


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    Ok, merci pour vos réponses et toutes ces précisions.
    franc 91, tu dis qu'on qu'on ne dirait pas dans ce contexte, en BE, I'll come back pour dire Je reviens ? C'est bien ça ?
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