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I was talking to a team captain of another pen spinning team and I wanted to know if what I said is correct.


Here, I don't believe I said "I will talk to my team and find out how many members can make it" correctly. In particular, I'm asking about the verbs. 探して見ます doesn't seem to make much sense here but I did not know what else to say.

Thank you!
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    My translation is


    (1) You can make a compound noun by just putting nouns side by side, but you've got to be careful; often compound nouns are for technical terms. メンバー数 sounds like words appearing in reports.

    (2) You can't use kanji in 探してみます when みます means "try -ing." This みます is the derived form through a process called grammaticalisation. Japanese grammaticalized words in principle shouldn't be written in kanji in usual witing, except in literally texts. The reason is probably if you used kanji and write 探して見ます, the reader on first look might mistake 見ます for "looking," which has not been intended. Leaving みます as hiragana helps to make the meaning clear.

    (3) 探す is not a right choice of the word. It's not the right word for "to find some data." 聞いてくる、聞いてみる、確認する are the verbs you're looking for.
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