I will hold this for you not to be clumsy

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  1. LizbethG New Member

    I thought I had a pretty clear idea when to use to be and when being, but I heard something really confusing, I try o find an answer in other forums, but none of them really fits this specific question.
    I heard this in from a toddler
    "I will hold this for you not to be clumsy" his mom dropped something and exclaimed "I´m so clumsy" so the boy was trying to help. The question is if it is correct or
    it should be, for you not being clumsy.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Mr.Dent

    Mr.Dent Senior Member

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    Actually, neither sentence is quite correct, though "I will hold this for you not to be clumsy." is better.
    I would say, ""I will hold this for you so that you won't be so clumsy."
  3. Kevin R

    Kevin R Senior Member

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    English, UK
    Perhaps a better phrase: " I will hold this for you, as you can be a little clumsy "
  4. Mr.Dent

    Mr.Dent Senior Member

    English American
  5. LizbethG New Member

    Thank you very much for your answer!
    And much more for your help correcting my mistakes, I still have lots of them!
    Thank you Mr. Dent and Kevin R.
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  6. gengo

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    It's best not to mimic the grammar of toddlers, as they are still learning the language.
  7. LizbethG New Member

    Yes, that´s true! they say crazy things, that´s why it was so confusing and put it back on the right track challenges anyone's grammar.
    I´m learning from your corrections as a toddler, Thanks to all of you again.

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