I will miss you.

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This is my first post on the forum but it appears very helpful and i'll be hanging around no doubt as my Japanese lessons start in less than a month.

I would like some help, please, on translating a short sentence into japanese, and in particular, the script used to write it. A short time ago i lost my younger half-sister in an accident and i'm needing a phrase translated for the tombstone, as she was a fluid japanese speaker, which came from her japanese father.

I have decided to learn the language to keep a part of her alive in me.

Regardless, could anybody please help with the translation of: "I will miss you". And, if there is a translation for my name, please - "Ryan" (My surname is williamson hence the nickname).

Thanks in advance for any help, I really appreciate it.

Oh and lastly, I'm after the Kanji script. But if anybody could do it in any other script that would be greatly appreaciated too. I'm aware there is a script purely for phonetic reading? I understand forums don't allow much in the way of writing in kanji, so maybe a drawing or a picture?

Thanks again, and I hope to soon be able to return the favours.
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    おまえがいなくなって寂しくなるだろうよ。omae ga inaku natte sabishiku naru daro yo.
    君がいなくて寂しいよ。kimi ga inakute sabishii yo.
    ライアン raian.

    I hope it helps.


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    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    For an epitaph, "I will miss you" can be translated with some formality. The following is written completely in kanji.
    哀惜 (aiseki): missing someone with sadness

    With your name, the whole message should look like;

    ライアン is your name transcribed in katakana, which is a Japanese syllabary used for transcribing foreign proper names.

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    My vote is 君がいなくなって寂しいよ for "I miss you," and some possible suggestions for Ryan in Kanji would be 雷安(thunder-peace) or  頼安 (ask for peace).

    I think yours is a touching tribute to your half-sister. I wish you the best in the healing process.


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    Hi, thanks already for your helpful replies.

    Can somebody, however, actually draw the symbols in an image and host it? Its the symbols I'm after, not the English script translation.

    Thanks again,

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