I will never hurt you.

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Hello, everyone!

Please, help me with this:
Context: Your boyfriend/girlfriend has soul wounds from previous relationships, and you want to tell him/her that you won't hurt him/her never-ever (because you are different, you are not the same as his/her exes, whatever). It has to sound as convincing as possible in just a few words.

1. I will never get you hurt.
2. I won't get you hurt.
3. I won't hurt you.
4. I will never hurt you.

I await your opinions and/or suggestions.
Thank you in advance! :)
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    I would never hurt you.
    This is one of the rare situations when the more tentative/hypothetical 'would' is stronger than the normally more assertive 'will', in my opinion. 'I will never hurt you' gives the speaker's assertion/promise. 'I would never hurt you' adds the idea there are are no circumstances,even unrealistically hypothetical ones, in which the speaker could be thought of as hurting the person addressed.

    I did say 'in my opinion'. Others may feel differently.


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    Thank you so much for your help! You are really nice (all of you). :) I'm glad I came here. I'll use the suggested version (it's for a story).
    "I would never hurt you."
    That's exactly what I needed (...adds the idea there are are no circumstances, even unrealistically hypothetical ones...). Thanks again.
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