I will pay you back (specified one)


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Hello everyone. Today i have a problem with Pay....back. So I will show you my problem now :).

A: Hey don't forget what you owe me. You owe me money, my friend.
B: Ok ok ! I will pay you back (______) tommorow.

So what word should I put in the blanks if I want to specify it. SHould I use I will pack you back the money, or I will pay you back money ?.

===> I would be grateful if anyone could help me :).
===> THanks in advance :).
  • owlman5

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    Fluent English-speakers know that "I'll pay you back tomorrow" means "I'll pay you the money that I owe you tomorrow." There's usually no need to specify the amount. If you want to specify the amount, you can: I'll pay you back the five dollars I owe you tomorrow.
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