I will read a bit before going to bed/sleep

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    How do you say 'I will read a bit before going to bed/sleep'?

    My attempt: πριν να κοιμηθώ θα διαβάσω λίγο.

    Is να optional? When I googled my sentence, να was often omitted. And is θα διαβάζω or θα διαβάσω better?

  2. Perseas Senior Member


    You could also say:

    Θα διαβάσω (για) λίγο, πριν πάω/πέσω για ύπνο.
    Θα διαβάσω (για) λίγο, πριν (πέσω να) κοιμηθώ.

    The temporal clause can also be put in the beginning as it is in your example (which is correct):
    Πριν (να) κοιμηθώ, θα διαβάσω λίγο.
    (Yes, "να" is optional but I wouldn't put it.)
  3. Tassos

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    Θα διαβάζω states continuity and duration of action like the english "I will be reading". The whole structure of your sentence is the opposite of that. So, regardless of the translation, θα διαβάζω here is not only worse, is just simply wrong.

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