I wish I had taken one of the taxis earlier

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Let's say your relative had promised to take you to your destination by car. You arrived at your agreed meeting point early and you ignored several taxis that passed by.

Later, they contacted you saying that the car was broken, so you will need to take a taxi. You have now been waiting for half an hour and no taxi has passed.

How would you translate the following statement into Spanish to express regret?

There were so many taxis earlier. I wish I had taken one of them.​

Hubo muchos taxis hace un rato, debería haber cogido (Esp) o tomado (AmL) uno de ellos.

Does the translation sound natural in Spanish?
  • jasminasul

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    Spanish Andalusia
    Otra más, en español de España: Con todos los/Con la de taxis que han pasado hace un rato. Ojalá hubiera cogido uno.
    En español no podemos usar "tantos" en lugar de "muchos" a no ser que usemos puntos suspensivos:
    Hubo muchos taxis o Hubo tantos taxis...
    Es muy lindo o Es tan lindo...
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