I wish it were/would be a bit warmer.

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The weather’s terrible today. I wish it ……… a bit warmer.

(Answer Key)
c)would be
d)had been

Source: school exam

Some say C (would be) could also work and some say it can't. What's your opinion about option C?

Thank you.
  • Loob

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    Sb, you have quite a bit of information in your previous thread I wish it would be / was a bit warmer.

    What I think you need to do is formulate an overall approach to these "I wish" questions.

    You need to appreciate that there's a link between (a) the reality of the situation and (b) what you say when you express a wish about it.

    Let's say that the reality of the situation is "I feel cold". To express a wish, you (1) backshift the verb (2) change positive to negative or negative to positive: you can do this by modifying the verb or by using antonyms..
    So "I feel cold" > "I wish I didn't feel cold" or "I wish I felt warmer". (tense backshifted from present to past; "cold" changed to "not...cold" or "warmer".

    Does that make sense so far?:)
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