"I wish ~ " subjunctive?

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Hello, everyone!

I have an indicative sentence - "I can't cook food without matches.", which, I understand, means
"I am sorry that I can't cook food as I don't bring matches." (for example, forgetting to bring
matches in case of camping trip).
(* without ; not having something, especially something that is basic or necessary)

If above indicative sentence is from the situation of my interpretation, which is correct in
subjunctive mood ;

1) "I wish I could cook food <with> matches"
2) "I wish I could cook food <without> matches"

Would hope to hear your reply.
  • Enquiring Mind

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    Hi deep, there's nothing wrong with your sentence number 2 in context (e.g. the sentence is part of a conversation in which you've forgotten the matches so can't cook the food). On the grammar point, "I wish I could" is fine.
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