I wish you godspeed!

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I wish you godspeed!
Godspeed you!
Godspeed to you!
Bon voyage!

Can I use all of the above to a friend who is going on a journey?
Are they all about the same? Thanks,
  • spyroware

    Greek, GR
    Have a nice trip/flight.
    Bon voyage.
    ..See you soon?

    Godspeed is not used any more, it's too quaint and when used it'd mostly be for sarcasm or for making a camp comment.


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    Godspeed is our spanish equivalent of vaya con Dios. And just so that people know God is never archaic! It's frequently associated with the space program when astronauts began to go into space and no one knew whether they would return to earth safely or not. I think it beautifies the language as an expression, and such expressions shouldn't be nullified.

    Godspeed to all on your journeys in life!
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