I wish you would like me


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Which example in each set is wrong?
A) I wish they would give us a holiday!
B) I wish you liked me.
C) I wish you would like me.
D) I wish we weren’t getting the exam results tomorrow! I’m really nervous.

I am between C and D .What do you think ?
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  • Uncle Jack

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    I wonder if they think C is wrong; the usual way of saying this is B, and "would" is rarely used for wishes with stative verbs (the past tense is used instead). However I don't think "would" is wrong here.

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    Hi Muala, as Linguisticks notes, they're all correct, but it depends on the intended meaning.
    Doing a bit of mind-reading in the light of the syntax of a number of some other European languages, if the intended meaning of C is "I hope you like me", then "I wish you would like me" isn't correct (in that intended meaning only).

    I wish you would like me = I know you don't like me, but I want you to like me.
    I hope you like me = I don't know if you like me or not, but I want you to like me.

    But without clarification of the intended meaning, my post here may be a red herring.


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    Muala, please update your post when you find the answer. We are all dying to know!

    And sorry that your first encounter with this forum is not more productive.
    But we have seen, time and time again, grievous errors in this kind of exam.
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