I wonder, I wonder!

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Hello everyone,

A TV presenter is talking with 2 guests, one of whom is a medical doctor.

The medical doctor says, "If your environment is loud, noisy, chaotic, too bright..."

And while he says that, the presenter exclaims "I wonder, I wonder!"

What does "I wonder, I wonder!" mean?

Thank you.
  • roxcyn

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    What do they say after that?

    Maybe the host said that because his environment is loud, noisy, chaotic and too bright. So he was saying "I wonder..."


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    I'm sorry I forgot to mention that the host is a woman and the medical doctor is a man.

    After excaiming "I wonder, I wonder" the presenter doesn't say anything for a while.
    And the female guest says, "That's me again" and then the doctor continues by saying "But you have control over that... you have some control over your environment."

    It's an american TV show titled What's the alternative?


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    But that would be kind of weird, I think, Perpend, since the doctor hasn't made any statement but has just started a sentence, with an "if" clause. What would the host be doubting?


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    Talk TV (talk shows) is often scripted. This sounds like the surprised interjection of "I wonder, I wonder" which often expresses doubt.
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