I wonder she loves me or not

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  1. alejandro123 Member

    I wonder what is the best way to say in Chinese that... I wonder about sth. For example "I wonder she loves me or not."

    I'd translate it like: 我在想她到底爱不爱我。 or 我在疑惑她到底爱不爱我。

    Which one is more common, or maybe there is another one. Thank you.
  2. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie Senior Member

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    I'm not sure about (a) 我在想她到底爱不爱我 but (b) 我在疑惑她到底爱不爱我 seems to express mainly your doubt of her love for you (perhaps because she keeps going out with another guy :rolleyes:)

    Personally, for "I wonder she loves me or not", I'd say: 我真不知道她是否爱我, and I think this may be the most common way to say it.
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  3. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    "我在想她到底爱不爱我" sounds good to me, but "我想" is more like "I'm wondering". Or you can say "我不知道她到底爱不爱我。"
  4. zhg Senior Member

    I vote for your first setence ,alejandro123. It sounds natrual to me,also it reminds me of a Chinese rock band 零点乐队 who wrote a song dealing with the same situation.
  5. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    疑惑 is definitely a written word.
    疑惑 means 怀疑 (doubt) + 困惑 (puzzled). While "I wonder..." is literally "我在想……".
    So I vote for 我在想.
  6. tarlou Senior Member

    I think there are several different meanings of "wonder".
    我在想她到底爱不爱我 = I'm thinking if she loves me. Asking "myself".
    我想知道她到底爱不爱我 = I want to know if she loves me. Asking someone else for answer.
    我怀疑她到底爱不爱我 = I doubt if she loves me. Telling other people your feeling.

    According to the two Chinese sentences you provided, it should be the first case.
  7. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie Senior Member

    English (UK)
    That is right, tarlou. But further to this, I'd point out that alejandro said that he wanted to know about "wonder about" but his examples are not about "wonder about" but actually about "wonder (+ sentence)". These are typically two different things and would therefore require basically different translations in Chinese:
    "I wonder about (+ noun)" = I think about (love/the meaning of life/going to China for a year/...)
    "I wonder (+ sentence) = I ask myself (if she loves me/when John will be back/what she would say/...)

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