I wore my welcome thin


I remember that old Frio river
Where I learned to swim,
And it brings to mind another time
Where I wore my welcome thin.

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"All My Ex's Live in Texas" by George Strait. I thought it important to quote two verses here.
What does "I wore my welcome thin" mean?
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  • cyberpedant

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    Think of the soles of your shoes. If you wear them thin, they will almost have holes in them and will be almost useless. If one's welcome has worn thin, it is at the point of being revoked.

    Sparky Malarky

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    I wore my welcome thin is a clever take (and it rhymes!) on the more common expression I wore out my welcome.

    Both mean I stayed so long that I was no longer welcome. They were tired of me, or perhaps I had offended them or not been a good guest.
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