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If saying for example, 'I work as an engineer' in Russian, what word do I use for 'as'. Also what gender is 'air' in Russian. I can't type the word as I don't have cyrillic but it begins with a b and end with an x
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    Hi Honeyduke,

    Please always open a new thread for an unrelated question. :)

    I would say: "я работаю инженером" - ya rabotayu inzhenyerom. As you see, you don't really need "as" to say it (or perhaps there are other ways to express it...) because you decline the word engineer. It is in instrumental case if it helps.

    The word воздух is masculine.

    Please wait for other opinions - I am not a native.



    there is another trick which makes it simpler: work as is left out and the outcome would be I'm an engineer. the same is true in russian,i.e. ja injener

    Lev Yakupov

    Also as could be translated as в качестве:

    Я работаю в качестве инженера
    this phrase is totally equal to Jana's one, but rarely used.

    This would be right only with that example :) With another context, there are another translation's:

    as per order... - согласно закону
    some animals, as the fox... - некоторые животные, как например лиса...
    to appear as Hamlet... - выступать в роли Гамлета...
    do as you are told... - делайте как сказано...