I would be very pleased if...

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  1. Ryoma New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    In the context of a formal letter, I want to use the expression 'I would be very pleased if you could send me ...' in order not to repeat the expression 'I would appreciate...'. Is it correct? It sounds a little ridiculous to me, but I can't imagine another way to express it politely. Any suggestions?
  2. Estrella Senior Member

    Sí, es totalmente correcto.

  3. manana Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    Podrias usar:
    Would you be so kind as to...?
    Please let me know..
    Please inform me...

    Yo también siempre ando detrás de esas frasesitas porque me toca escribir pidiendo y tramitando cosas para la gente de mi oficina.

  4. Limey. Limeño Senior Member

    Noreste de Inglaterra
    British. English
    I would appreciate it if you could send me.....
  5. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    I agree with Derek. I would be very pleased sounds too personal to use in the workplace.
    I would appreciate is the most common way to say it. It has a more business-like tone.
    I wouldn´t worry about being creative with phrases like this one. They are very standard.

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