I would like to help you with information about our culture

Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by Luluta, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Luluta Member

    Hello all again. I want to write a message in a very formal way and I need some help with this translation.

    '' Of course,I would like to help you with informations about our culture and its variety(music,painting,architecture,customs). I believe it would be useful for both of us''
    Hear from you soon
  2. tkekte Senior Member

    One way to say it might be...
    Разумеется, я помогу Вам сведениями о нашей культуре и ее разнообразии (музыка, живопись, архитектура, традиции). Я думаю это было бы полезно для нас обоих.
  3. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    My variant (based on the tkekte's one):

    "Конечно, я с удовольствием помогу Вам больше узнать о нашей культуре во всём ее разнообразии (музыка, живопись, архитектура, традиции <обычаи>). Я думаю это бы пошло на пользу нам обоим".* <обеим сторонам>

    PS Frankly speaking, although the expression "помогу Вам сведениями" is pretty close to the original, it doesn't sound that smooth in Russian. Should we want to keep "сведения", I'd suggest "я предоставлю Вам сведения" (somewhat bureaucratic wording).

    Note: * Please choose between обоим (m) and обеим (f), depending on yours and addressee's genders. The rules are as follows:
    1. Female + female - обеим (of обе - both, feminine)
    2. Male + male - обоим (of оба - both, masculine/neutral)
    3. Female + male - обоим (for two mixed genders masculine pronoun is always used)
  4. Luluta Member

    thank you all for your help.it's somehow difficult for me with Russian because it has some particular expressions I cannot guess.You really helped me

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