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    How do you say in Japanese? I would love to help you,

    It's something I would like to do, but I can't

    Sorry, I don't have any clue to make a try

  2. mikun Senior Member

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    Japanese citizens prefer to be asked their own preferences to your wish or hope.
    So, the sentence, 'Is their anything that I can help you' will be better than 'I want to help you'.
    It will be in Japanese,
    The answer will be, ’はい。ありがとうございます。折角のお申し出なのですけれど何とか・・・・’。
  3. Kaiketsu Zorori New Member

    I have a followup question.
    So far I encountered 手伝う mostly in contexts of washing dishes and buying groceries :eek: I was wondering if it's still ok to use in situations when person is willing to help in obtaining information, teaching something, translating, etc. In situations where there's no 手, so to speak :p
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    I would really like to see how you will continue the sentence because I need to know how formal, regretful etc. you should be. If a cliché will do, I'd start a sentence by:

    Off the top of my head, 手伝う is assisting someone in a specific work. All your examples can be rightfully called instances of 手伝い. 助ける is more for rescuing someone from danger or difficulties.
  5. ienakiko Senior Member

    Thanks a lot guys!

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