I wouldn't bother you were it not for...

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  1. japonesa Member

    Could you please help me with an e-mail to someone I haven't met before. After apologising for bothering him, (which I can manage even with my terrible Spanish!) I want to say that I would not normally dream of bothering him, except that I'm worried about my son (It's a long story!) Just thinking about rendering it with conditional and subjunctive is making my head ache! I'd be really grateful for suggestions.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Faby`s Member

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    well u can tell him: Lo siento, normalmente no lo molestaría pero estoy preocupado por mi hijo
  3. mariente Senior Member

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    "Siento mucho molestarlo pero estoy preocupado por mi hijo"
  4. Hortelano Member

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    Another option:
    "Disculpe la molestia, pero estoy preocupada por mi hijo"
  5. japonesa Member

    Muchisimas gracias! Ahoro tengo muchas opciones! Lo mejor es que no es tan dificil como yo habia pensado! Muchas gracias otra vez

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