I wouldn't touch it/them with a ten-foot barge pole!

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In the English language we use lots of funny expressions as any other language. Does anyone know any Arabic (عامية/فصحى) equivalents to this phrase that they use at home?

expressing contempt at something " I wouldn't touch it/them with a ten-foot barge pole!"

Especially funny ones!
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  • elroy

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    In Palestinian, you could say ولا لو شو ما بقرّب عليه/عليهم.


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    Arabic, PA and IA.
    In Iraqi Arabic I've heard فرقاس ما ينجاس, it means "pus that can't be touched". I believe firgaas is not an Arabic word, but I don't know where it came from. It is not pus per say, rather the swollen parts of the skin that have pus under them, as soon as you touch it, it bursts.

    The expression basically means "it's really disgusting".
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