Iambic Tetrameter

  • Sin ser un experto en métrica, yo lo traduciría como tetrasílabo yámbico. Lo de tetrámetro nunca lo había oído y no he visto que aparezca en el RAE, pero parece referirse a un verso de cuatro sílabas o tetrasílabo (corregidme si me equivoco).
    It's actually not the number of syllables that is being referred to, but the number of feet, and a foot is made up of two syllables. In the case of iambic tetrameter, the line is made up of four feet, with each on consisting of an unstressed syllable, followed by a stressed one.

    Thanks for the input though!
    Thanks Chica! As mentioned, I am not an expert in metre. In any case, when I studied Literature in the High School, I never used the word 'tetrámetro' and it doesn't appear in the dictionary, but the word "yámbico" does appear (and I remember it from the school).