ice cream à la mode

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  1. Crevette Member

    Hi guys!
    It's been a while, but I'm back, and now I have my B.A. in French and Spanish behind me! Feels good!
    But I don't claim to be a genius or to know everything! Far from it!
    My girlfriend was watching a TV programme, and suddenly came out with the expression above, asking me what it meant, exactly. But I'm stumped, and I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight?
    Thanks for any help;
  2. amg8989 Senior Member

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    à la mode is when some dessert is served with ice cream, like apple pie à la mode, cherry cobbler à la mode, etc. You usually serve a hot desserts with ice cream à la mode. Anyway it just accompanies something else.
  3. SwissPete

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    So how could ice cream be à la mode? Ice cream with ice cream? :D

    It would be my kind of desert!
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  4. amg8989 Senior Member

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    well I wondered the same thing, but there's no such thing, so I figured it was just the way they worded it and didn't know that combining the two would result in that literal translation.
  5. Crevette Member

    Ha-ha! Nice one! You learn something new every day, or so they say, at least! Thank you all so much!
  6. Souxie

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    So it would be a pléonasme: they say two times the same thing and it's useless! Or they add something to reinforce the first word, but it's a repetition!
    - descendre en bas
    - neiger dehors
    - jeune enfant

    (Sometimes the context needs the two words, but most of the time it's just silly)

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