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Reading the first edition of Harry Potter's book I saw ice lolly (British version) and ice pop (American version) and I found that ice pop has been found by Frank Epperson in S.Francisco but I can't able to find the origin of ice lolly (I mean name of founder, date, origin of name...)
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    lolly is a shortened version of lollipop. Lollipops are boiled sweets mounted on a stick. Ice lollipops (now simply ice-lollies in Britain) borrowed the term.

    (cross-posted with Keith Bradford. That is a very good point about lollipop ---> lolly-pop. I have never noticed that before!)


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    In Harry Potter Book 1, the Dursleys bought Harry Potter "a cheap lemon ice pop". I wonder if "ice pop" is the same as "ice lolly".
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