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    Simple question, how do you know when á (as in ON or IN) should take the accusative or the dative?

    "Nintendo 64 (oft kölluð N64) er þriðja leikjatölva Nintendo á alþjóðlegan markað." ​Why accusative?

    á (+ accusative/dative)

    1. onHvar eru lyklarnir? - Þeir eru á borðinu.Where are the keys? - They are on the table.
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    The general rule is that the accusative is used when movement is involved. Not necessarily literal movement, just some sort of change in position - you'll get a feel for it really quickly.

    Your first sentence means then that the Nintendo 64 is the third games console to reach an international market. The third onto the market, if you like.

    The keys, on the other hand, aren't going anywhere. They are just sitting there on the table - therefore the table is in the dative.

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