Icelandic: Þetta, Það confusion

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by ShakeyX, May 13, 2013.

  1. ShakeyX Senior Member

    British English
    Dictionary gives Þetta as "This/That"

    Það is given as "It"...


    "Ég er að plana afmæli hans Bob"
    "Hvar verður það"

    I was corrected.... "Hvar verður þetta"

  2. sindridah Senior Member

    You were corrected wrong, Afmæli is neutral, "það afmælið" so it's suppose to be "Hvar verður það".
    "Hvar verður þetta" is like asking someone of where one specific object will be, lets say that you're moving and some friend brings the lamp and he wants to know
    where you want to have it then your friend would ask "Hvar verður þetta?" Þetta covers something that you can see. Þetta is basicly "that/this one"
    and það is just "that/this" I would say, but I want other natives to confirm it as well. I need to study Icelandic again ;D
  3. NoMoreMrIceGuy Senior Member

    Both can be right. It's just a matter of emphasis.

    Hvar verður það (afmælið). Emphasis on where.
    Hvar verður þetta (afmæli). Emphasis on this, although the meaning is the same.

    Personally, I would use the former.

    You would never use Hvar verður þetta? in this context. More likely you would hear Hvert á þetta að fara? or Hvar á þetta að vera? since the action is happening in the present, and not in the future.

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