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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Alxmrphi, Sep 19, 2013.

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    I was in a lecture and the lecturer used út í kú a few times, and I wasn't sure exactly what it meant.
    I mean, the way he used it seemed to be the same way you'd use út í hött so I just thought it must be equivalent to that, but I couldn't find a definition anywhere or a confirmation. I was also wondering if anyone had any reasoning of where it came from. I know there's a lot of livestock-related expressions in Icelandic that you just have to know (i.e. að draga dilk á eftir sér) but that sort of makes sense in a way, having something being dragged along, potentially not-welcome. Is út í kú any different from út í hött (if it even means that in the first place)?

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    There's something extremely similar in Mergur málsins, the entry for kýr has:
    Maybe your lecturer got muddled between út í hött and út úr kú and came up with út í kú?
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    Hmm, that's caused me to doubt what I heard.
    It'll be on Ugla, actually, I'll go double-check...
    Aha, yes, it is út úr kú... he just says it really fast and I was at the back of the room only half-listening. :)

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