Icelandic: allvegþéldhús


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I'm stuck! Can anyone help me with this word please?

I use bilingual and uni-lingual dictionaries and have tried decomposing the word every which way, without success.
It comes in the first verse of the song 'Yfirborð':

"Óstillt fasið, kennt við yfirborð
í gruggugt glasið við föllum fyrir borð
alveg niður á botn
hendur undir borð
farðu allvegþéldhús
ekki segja orð
ekki drekka af stút"

Thank you for any help or suggestions. :)
  • No wonder you can't find a translation, it is in fact gibberish.

    What you got here is a classic case of a commonly distributed wrong lyrics, something that happens quite often with Icelandic songs unfortunately.
    Basically because so few actually know Icelandic, if there isn't an official lyrics given by the musicians/band, almost every version of the lyrics on the net is a copy paste of each other, which means that any single mistakes stay and get distribute without anyone realising.

    From a quick googling I think the origin of this comes from a reddit thread in which somebody was asking for the lyrics and an Icelander did his best to transcribe by ear, but because it can be kinda hard to understand Jónsi's singing he had a bit of difficulties with some line, one in which he wrote "
    gibberish. sounds kinda like allvegþéldhús?"
    Here he was not in fact saying that "allvegþéldhús" is a word, but rather that what he heard sounded something like this gibberish word.
    Unfortunately somebody seems to have gotten the impression that this is in fact a word and made it part of the lyrics, and it has then been copied left and right.

    From my own research and listening myself I can conclude that the most likely line here is supposed to be "farðu inn í eldhús", though as there is no official lyrics you can take that with a grain of salt (as well as any other part of the lyrics you have).


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    Hello and thank you very much Þórir Pétur for your very detailed reply! I'm not surprised that it is not correct Icelandic (I spent a long tome searching) and in fact I was thinking of something with " eldhús", but I don't trust my knowledge of the language sufficiently yet. :)