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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by ShakeyX, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. ShakeyX Senior Member

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    There isn't really much QUESTION to this just something I noted and wanted to see if other people had too.

    So to start, this is my basic definition of a Debit card and a Credit card;

    DEBIT CARD - Card which you store money on to buy things.
    CREDIT CARD - Card which you buy things on, then pay the bill you accumulated.

    The company i.e. VISA/MASTERCARD/SWITCH etc... has no weight on whether it is credit or debit. I for instance have a VISA DEBIT.

    Now I have had many an argument with my partner here over these definitions for plenty of reasons. Trying to buy stuff online..

    "WTF, this debit card doesn't have any numbers on it, how do I buy stuff online"
    "You need a Credit card to buy stuff online"...
    "mmmm no... I've never had a credit card and I've bought stuff all my life online"
    "MY CARD ALSO SAYS DEBIT ON IT YOU ..." etc.. etc..

    Point being I thought this was just an individual thing, but then on a Icelandic flight the flight captain said "We only take credit card payments" so of course I knew what he really meant, (i.e. we only take cards that have numbers on them unlike standard icelandic debit cards). So I say, "may i try this debit card"
    he replies: "oh... well it has the digits on the front so, are you sure its not a credit card?"

    So yeh the card worked, cut the story short.... what is it with this whacked out definition of credit card.

    Credit card does not equal CAN GO ONLINE or HAS NUMBER ON FRONT. I don't get why this confusion is present. Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this or for an added bonus, knows the reason.
  2. NoMoreMrIceGuy Senior Member

    Well, a debit card is linked to a bank account, and withdrawal hinges on the availability of funds therein.
    A credit card is subject to the lend limit the bank has put on it.
    A pre-paid credit card's limit is set by the amount you pre-paid.

    In Iceland, the debit cards don't have the raised numbers you find on the debit cards here in Sweden. I've not been able to use the Swedish debit card to purchase for online services or for credit card only services (such as on planes).
  3. Silver_Biscuit

    Silver_Biscuit Senior Member

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    I also have a Visa debit card (linked to a UK account) that I can use to buy things online, even on Icelandic sites that say "credit card only". But I can't do that with my Icelandic debit card. I think UK debit cards just come with a better service.
  4. ShakeyX Senior Member

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    Yeh I reckon so, it's just I've heard several times people saying "oh I can't buy tickets for the cinema, I haven't got a credit card, Jake can we use yours" and me just being a picky bastard "IT'S A DEBIT CARD". But then the fact the air hostess actually said "are you sure it's not a credit card" just because it had the numbers on the front, made me think there is some mass national confusion. I mean I may be wrong as I am just used to it like this in the UK.

    But I had a Debit Switch... coudln't buy shit online, then I got a Debit Visa, could buy EVERYTHING. because its the fact it's VISA that allows me to do that, the debit just means I have to put the money on first. Now what confuses me is the Icelandic debit card I have.. is VISA!? So have the Icelandic government/banks actively decided to take the number off it, is it something about spending the KRÓNA abroad on foreign products? I just find it really odd that you cannot use a card online, maybe thats just UK but being in other countries I've never noticed this before.
  5. Donnerstag Senior Member

    Reykjavik, Iceland
    I don't think so. In Germany my debit card also didn't have numbers on front and you couldn't use them for any online transactions.

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