Icelandic: feigð í fjöðrum sér

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    I ran across the phrase feigð í fjöðrum sér. Something about an imminent death of feathers? I see it's on a list of orðtök/orðatiltæki. Can someone please explain this saying/phrase to me?

    Takk fyrir!
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    Do you know much about Völuspá? In there, there is a dragon called Níðhöggr who carried dead people in his feathers. This expression is taken from that part of the story, referring to the dragon. That's all I could find out after a quick search. The definition given is: 'e-ð hefur endalok eða fjörtjón í för með sér'. There are two examples in Snara:

    Forsetinn er farinn að stjórna með tilskipunum. Slíkt getur aðeins borið feigðina í fjöðrum sér.
    Tillagan er ekki nógu markviss, hún ber feigðina í fjöðrum sér.

    Literary references reaaaalllly aren't my area of interest though. Hopefully others can add useful info, too.
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    No! I'm not familiar with this story; haven't read the Edda yet. Thank you so much!
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    Nice link, too. I appreciate it. :D

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