Icelandic: gegning


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Hæ! I feel a little silly asking this but I can't manage to translate gegningum:

Einn fagran morgun í mars
kom faðir minn
inn frá gegningum ...

I've found a few other examples of the word in context but nothing seems to click.
'gegning' in Zoëga = suitableness, but this doesn't help.
In the example above does it just just mean 'my father came back home / in'? Thank you for any help. :)

  • Segorian

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    The meaning given in Zoëga is obsolete. Since the 18th century or so, the word gegning has mainly been used in the plural, gegningar. It refers to work involved in the tending of sheep, almost exclusively in the winter (since sheep always spent the summer unattended in the mountains, which is not always the case nowadays).
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