Icelandic: Glitrandi víf og vín


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Hi, Working through Icelandic songs found on YouTube! Great fun. This seems quite classic : Ágústnótt.
And I found Icelandic words to it online, but this phrase seems so odd.
Glittering what?

"Glitrandi víf og vín veita mér stundar frið."

Glittering .... ??? ... give me (a moment's, a hour's, a time of) peace.
While I'm at it, would ask which way you'd think of "stund" here.
But the real question is "víf og vín".
In online dictionaries I only once found víf, and there it was said to mean wife. Can't wrap my head around that.

Thanks for any help!
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    Víf means ‘woman’. It is a word which is only used in poetry (whether modern or one-thousand years old). However, someone has made a mistake when writing up the lyrics. The line actually reads:

    Glitrandi vín og víf veita mér stundarfrið

    “The gleaming wine and the women make me forget my troubles for a while”

    Stundarfriður normally refers to a short reprieve from an otherwise troublesome situation. Stundarfriður is also the name of one of the best-loved Icelandic stage plays of the second half of the 20th century.


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    Thank you!
    Love these songs. It is so much more fun, not to mention educational, to grasp the lyrics fully.
    Maybe in the coming months I'll tackle that play!