Icelandic: húsdýranna [genitive use]

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    In a gap exercise I had to decline "húsdýr" correctly. I finally came up with the right answer using BÍN, but I'm not sure why it's correct.
    Could someone please explain how this sentence is constructed, and why the word "húsdýr" is genitive plural "með greini":

    Í sveitinni er aldur húsdýranna talinn í vetrum.

    Is this the correct translation? :
    In the countryside the domestic animals of the elderly are considered (taken care of) in the winter.
    If this is the correct translation I can understand the declension.

    It is the word order that is strange to me. Thank you for any help. :)
  2. Roman A. New Member

    I think the translation is:
    "In countryside the age of domestic animals is counted by winters" (not summers, if a sheep has survived two winters - it is two years old).
  3. Hspo

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    British English (Yorkshire)
    Takk fyrir! Nú skil ég það!

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