Icelandic: Kjötbúðingur

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I don't know if here is where this goes, but I was wondering if anyone knew what this word "Kjötbúðingur" means... it's a meal, i think

thanks for your help

  • macdp

    Spanish - Argentina
    OK, this is just a guess since I don't speak Icelandic, but at least "kjöt" may mean meat. But as I said, I'm not sure. Better to wait for someone who speaks Icelandic.
    I think you are right, i've been looking around and i found somewhere that it means "meatloaf" so...

    if someone can confirm that would be cool


    Senior Member
    Norwegian (bokmål)
    It is very similar to the Norwegian kjøttpudding which means, exactly, 'meatloaf'. I think you can be pretty confident it describes some sort of equivalent to meatloaf :)
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