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    Ég sá tölvuorðið kludge (skilgreining) á annarri vefsíðu en ég velti fyrir mér hvort það hafi verið íslenskað. Ég held að sumir ykkar starfa á tölvusviðinu -- vitið þið af einhverju(m) íslensku(m) orði/orðum sem samsvari ensku orðinu "kludge"?

    kludge sýnist vera slangurorð svo kannski er engin opinber þýðing til á því, en (ef mér skjátlast ekki) hugtakið "kludge" kemur oft fram þegar um er að ræða forritun, vefhönnun o.s.frv.

    Takk öll
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    Ordabok gives three definitons for this usage (fremur léleg lausn, eða lausn sem samanstendur af bæði hugbúnaði og vélbúnaði): bráðabirgðalausn, hrákasmíð & nálgunarlausn.
    I sincerely doubt there is anyone here that can confirm with much experience of having detailed familiarity with such terms in Icelandic, but the dictionary does provide translations to the exact thing explained in the definition you gave. Hope it helps :).
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    Thanks. I don't have a subscription right now to, but (which often has translations for obscure technical terms) has no entry for kludge, and neither (if Google is any guide) does Snara, which generally seems more complete/reliable than So, I decided to ask the question here.
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    In my experience, Snara is mostly useful as an Icelandic-Icelandic resource (in which role it is outstanding). is better for Icelandic-English, though, in the sense that they have definitions for a lot more words - I would recommend you getting the subscription and using it in tandem with Snara. Generally I've been disappointed by - I use it very occasionally when my other sources fail me.
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    UK English also put up 20,000 new word explanations and 70,000 additional dictionary entries and has a new system to search all other sorts of trusted sources it lists below the search that can take you the probable explanation. That all went into effect 4-5 days ago, really happy with it since then.
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    Snara seemed pretty adequate for Icelandic-English-Icelandic during the month I tried it out. has more entries, but when I had an account there, some of the entries weren't as fleshed out as they could be.

    As you say, it's probably ideal to use both and check the accuracy of against Snara.
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