Icelandic: Langt frá mannlegum


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Hi all,

I was hoping a native speaker might be able to help in translating this. Does it, as translation sites suggest, mean "far from human"? Also, if you'll indulge me, how would you translate the similar phrase "less than human" to Icelandic?
  • General meaning is "far from human". But I think the context could change the meaning very much. So what is the context? Post the whole sentence.
    Thank you, Rafeind. The context is a little complicated, I'm afraid. The phrase is said by a character in my book, in the same way you would cast a spell (think sort of like Harry Potter). So this is probably okay, I'd presume.

    Additionally, if someone were referring to someone as unnatural and monstrous, and they say "you are far from human", how would you translate that?
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    I think "you are far from human" in the context of an unnatural or monstrous being would be "þú ert langt í frá mannleg/ur".

    "Langt frá mannlegum (no.)" means "far from human (noun)". So I am not sure it fits in your context. It could fit in a phrase like "langt frá mannlegum híbýlum" = "far from human habitation" but is does need a noun with "mannlegum". It is more spatial than the English phrase can be.