Icelandic: mundi takmarkað


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Hello guys,

I have come across this sentence but I don't understand the use and the meaning of the phrase mundi takmarkað. I know that mundi is the subjunctive but why is it used before the supine? And why is it here?

Hún mundi takmarkað eftir að hafa skriðið upp í rúm seinna um kvöldið.

She felt limited (?) after she went up into her room that evening.??

Thank you so much in advance for the explanation.

  • Mundi here is simply the past tense of muna, which means 'to remember' (ég man eftir því = I remembered it).
    This is a diffirent (though similar) verb than munu, which has the meaning 'will' in the present tense and 'would' in the past tense, and always stands with another verb in the infinitive.

    Knowing this you can see the see the sentence is 'she remembered' with takmarkað being an adverb meaning 'limitly', or perhaps 'vaguely' would be a better translation in this case.

    Also note:
    skríða = crawl,
    rúm = bed / space,
    seinna = later

    As such the translation I would give is:

    She remembered vaguel. Having crawled into bed later in the evening

    Or something like that.

    Hope this helps!