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    Látum okkur sjá, hvað myndi hún vilja.

    I am unsure what the root of this word myndi is as when I search it in the icelandic dictionary it comes up with... muna munu mynda etc...

    I assume its munu although thats more because the others don't fit rather than this fitting as it has no actual definition as a word.. it says it can indicate the past present future ... say what!?!

    So what is the root and how is it used, and what does it mean in this sentence.

    I assume it's along the lines of "What would she want" (It's a guy searching for a gift) but I can't determine why.
  2. mosletha Senior Member

    Haugesund, Norway
    What we have here is a case of the subjunctive (viðtengingarháttur). This is a mood for verbs when they express something hypothetical. I'm not 100% sure about its usage in Icelandic, but I do know there are some differences between when Icelanders use the subjunctive mood and when Germans use the subjunctive mood.

    In any case, maybe it helps if you think of it as the difference between "what would she want" and "what will she want". So "myndi" is just the subjunctive form of munu in Icelandic, and the sentence in question does mean "let's see what she would want", just as you assumed.

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