Icelandic Online 2 Bálkur#3 Þráður#2 Síða#6 (1)

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  1. buckleyeva New Member

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    Hello, I am slowly making my way through the above internet course. However, since there is no glossary or translations whatsoever I get stuck sometimes.

    Could someone translate the following phrases for me?

    "...og dást að því eina efnislega sem hún hafði eignast um ævina og gat með sanni kallað stórfenglegt, það var skákborð úr marmara..." (I get the last part about the chess board.)


    "...þá tók hún sér góðan tíma til að meta stöðuna..."

    Any help is appreciated :)
  2. Segorian Senior Member

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    Hello buckleyeva, please note that according to the rules of this forum, direct translations are not provided. However, if you post your own attempt at translating the sentences, someone is probably willing to help you out with comments and/or corrections.
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  3. buckleyeva New Member

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    Okay, sorry didn't read that bit in the rules...
    So here's my attempt:
    "...and she marveled at what ...??... which she had made in her life and what could truly be called gigantic, it was a chess board made of marble."
    I just don't have a clue even though I get the words, I just don't get the whole sentence.
  4. Segorian Senior Member

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    In this sentence, dást að means ‘admire’ rather than ‘marvel at’; það eina efnislega is ‘the only material thing’ (or ‘...possession’); eignast means ‘become the owner of’ (although those specific words may not work in the context of a translation); stórfenglegt is ‘magnificent’. Perhaps the problem lies with the dictionary you are using?
  5. buckleyeva New Member

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    Okaayy, NOW it makes sense. Thank you for answering. I'm actually only using and google translator. Are there any other online alternatives?

    Oh, and with that second sentence I came up with: "...then she took a good while to judge the situation..." Does that seem correct?
  6. Segorian Senior Member

    Icelandic & Swedish
    To my knowledge there are no really good online dictionaries for Icelandic. On the DE/IS version seems better than the EN/IS one. You may want to try Glosbe and take a look at this page. For usage examples, the Ritmálssafn is sometimes useful.

    As for the second sentence, since the general context appears to be chess, meta stöðuna probably means ‘evaluate the position’ (on the chessboard).
  7. buckleyeva New Member

    German - Germany
    Thank you very much. I looked at those other dictionaries and sure enough, when one of the ones I had been using comes up short one of the others is likely to find what I need. I really appreciate the help :)
  8. Tazzler Senior Member

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  9. buckleyeva New Member

    German - Germany
    Thanks a lot, this looks promising. However, I think I'll need to get a bit more proficient before I can actually use this.

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