Icelandic: skulu vs munu

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    Sindri keeps telling me off :)D) for writing 'Ég skal gera eitthvað' instead of 'Ég mun gera eitthvað'.
    Both these auxiliary verbs are used to talk about things that will happen in the future, right? But there must be some difference that I'm not picking up on. Could anyone explain for me when you should use which verb?
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    Source (p.24)


    Deontic means the idea of permission, the feeling is up to the will of the speaker, in a sense, i.e. it's not a normal neutral way to express it.


    Hope some of these might shed some light on it.
    It seems like if there's no reason to show determination then munu is the best option.
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    We make an identical distinction.
  4. sindridah Senior Member

    If you use "skal" then it's like you're volunteering for it.

    Ég skal þrífa bílinn : Yeah ok i can ( shall? ) wash the car

    Ég mun þrífa bílinn : I will wash the car, you know it's firmly or something like that.

    And that does sound strange if you are maybe talking about that you will miss something, "ég skal sakna þess" it just sound wierd because it's like you're being forced to miss this/her/him or what ever.

    Ég mun sakna þess is much better ;)

    I hope i gave you some better insight! :D
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    Thanks, everybody!
  6. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    Could you please elaborate a little. Examples woud be greatly appreciated ( with a translation ).

    Thanks in advance.

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